About Melanie Jones CSNU

In my past and personal experience, I have learned two important things; my work for Spirit positively changes lives, and the more we learn about this world, the more knowledge we seek. Through reaching out to help others during Private Readings, Mediumship Demonstrations and Church Services I believe I am walking my soul’s path and following my individual “calling”.

I have been aware and conscious of spirit since I was a child. As mediums we often talk about Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, but as a child I had an innate “knowing” and “understanding” about people. Be it people around me or those who had already passed to the spirit world.

Presently, I see similar traits within young members of my family. It is interesting to see – now viewing from an adult’s perspective – how children accept this “knowing” without question. Nevertheless, they happily process through life with this innate knowing until they inevitably reach an age where it seems to “go away” or becomes “ignored”. I have considered whether this is the conditioning which is present in our society, or perhaps it is the manifestation of “knowing” impeding on one’s life because it has not been fully explained or managed in the correct way.
Fortunately for me, knowing did not go away. I was subsequently led to “Spiritualism” and to several different teachers as an adult at different stages of my development. It’s fair to say I dipped my toe in and out of developing my abilities further. But as most Mediums will say, this path is not a choice but a “calling”. No matter how often or by what means you may meander off this path, I have indeed wandered off a few times, you will always find your way back, or rather this path always finds you.
I have surged forward to share and explore my experiences with others due to the many evidence-based messages that I have given in private readings and from public demonstrations. I find myself walking on this path of Spiritualism because of the resounding benefits of healing that has touched so many people I have worked with, those suffering from grief and loneliness, or to just a desire to re-connect with loved ones, or the need to know there is much more to this earthly life than the material existence we so often lead.
Through reaching out to help others through Private Readings, Public Demonstration and Church Services I truly believe I am walking my soul’s path and following my “calling”.

Opening Hours

My published opening hours show when I am available to provide my services. However, I will respond to queries outside of these hours. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

One-to-one services are mostly in person from our main office, Bourton.

One-to-One Readings

Tarot cards spread across a tablePrivate sittings in person are held both at my home in Wiltshire and in the magical sphere of Avebury circle. My room is in the heart of the stone circle and can be found at the wonderful shop “Elements of Avebury”.


Praying hands representing church services and demonstrationsThroughout the year I appear at Public Demonstrations and Divine Services at Spiritualist Churches and Centres throughout the UK. For many people, demonstrations of mediumship are how they first encounter Spiritualism.


Owl in flight representing spiritual development workshopsThose searching for development should understand that personal development on many levels is paramount to any success. I believe the only route to spiritual enlightenment is through the challenging personal journey we must all engage in to achieve success.