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You can reserve your place at one of our events or book a reading here. Please see below.

Private One-to-One Readings

During a private reading, I work on a “one to one” basis using both psychic and mediumistic abilities. I may use personal objects or cards to work with since this can aid psychic sensory perception in order to provide information about yourself, past, present and potential opportunities.

The mediumistic level is where your loved ones step forward from the spirit world to provide evidence of their continued existence following physical death. Owing to the intimate nature of a private sitting, your relatives and friends can express more personal or sensitive information, which can in turn be acknowledged discreetly.

Often our loved ones bring messages to us as they do appear for a reason, however, I believe the evidence of the everlasting life is the most important feature in a sitting.

Private sittings in person are held both at my home in Wiltshire and in the magical sphere of Avebury circle. My room is in the heart of the stone circle and can be found at the wonderful shop “Elements of Avebury”, please book through this site.

For bookings from my home, or via skype or similar applications, please message me or email for further details and to make an appointment.

Public Demonstrations and Services

CSNU (Certificate of Spiritual National Union).

Throughout the year I appear at Public Demonstrations and Divine Services at Spiritualist Churches and Centres throughout the UK. For many people, demonstrations of mediumship are how they first encounter Spiritualism.

Through providing evidence that there is no death but, instead, continued existence in another realm and form, many begin to seek and search for a greater understanding of the meaning of life, on earth and beyond.

Divine Services at Spiritualist Churches will open the door to the Philosophy of Spiritualism which can be a guide to one’s journey on a day to day basis and provide a source of inspiration and communal religious practice.

Development Groups and Workshops

I also run development groups and workshops for those seeking to deepen their understanding and practice.

Those searching for development should understand that personal development on many levels is paramount to any success. I believe the only route to spiritual enlightenment is through the challenging personal journey we must all engage in to achieve success.

There are many routes to this development which I am qualified to teach, including Mediumship, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness, to name just a few of the many alternative routes.

Within Spiritualism the usual and traditional spiritual development group is known as a “Circle”, which tends to be a regular meeting for the practice and improvement of the skills and qualities within this tradition; mediumship, healing, inspirational speaking and writing, to name a few well-known methods.

If you wish to attend my Open Circle or Workshops, you can find further information on the face-book group “BEE a spiritual development group”, as well as here, on my website.

Alternatively email me for further information.

Spiritual Healing

I am also able to offer Spiritual Healing or Energy healing.

I have experience of various types of healing, including Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Healing.

Do contact me for a confidential private consultation in advance of making an appointment for healing.

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