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  • positive review  I had the most beautiful messages from my Nan yesterday… Melanie knew details that only me and my Nan would know. Details of my Nan looking after me as a baby to details of our final moments together in the hospital. I was so blown away…I feel like I have had a conversation with her. Thank you so much to Melanie for allowing me to reconnect with my Nan when I never thought I would again. I haven’t stopped smiling since! ❤️

    Jenna Hedger Avatar Jenna Hedger
    9th May 2022

    positive review  My wife that left me few months ago just came back to me last night crying for me to take her back. Dr Emu brought back my wife” Here’s his content if you have any problem. Email: emutemple@gmail.com or Whats-app him +2347012841542 thank you so much for helping me Https://web.facebook.com/Emu-Temple-104891335203341

    Lucas Souza Avatar Lucas Souza
    20th February 2022

    positive review  I saw testimonies of this great Dr Medusa on how he has helped so many people get back their lovers and broken home so I contacted him on WhatsApp and long story cut short,this man has used his magical powers to revive and rebranded my long lost relationship. Thank you Dr Medusa ,the world needs to know about your great works... you can contact him on WhatsApp +2348163247342 or email dr.medusa001@gmail.com

    James Jam Avatar James Jam
    21st October 2021
  • positive review  With great respect and honor to a real spell caster Dr omijie who restored back my lover after a fight i contact Dr omijie for a love spell and he cast it for me within the range of 24 hours, and my lover was back home all thanks to him please my advise is for you all who have the same problem to contact him via WhatsApp number +2349056975097 or Email: dr.omijiespelltemple14@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/lovespellcasterfastresult/

    Pastør Mildŕed Kingsléy - okønkwo Avatar Pastør Mildŕed Kingsléy - okønkwo
    30th July 2021

    positive review  Had a wonderful reading with Melanie today.Everything she said rang true and thank you for giving me guidance for the future plus the messages from loved ones.xx

    Polly Barter Avatar Polly Barter
    6th October 2019

    positive review  I don’t normally go for readings... put off by people getting your name and reading things from your social media. When I sat down with Melanie, it was obvious she was the real deal... in fact for half an hour she told me things I haven’t even shared with my close friends let alone social media. I was also fortunate enough to have been given an ‘early warning’ about situation that occurred shortly after the reading so was able to manage it quickly! Definitely would recommend Melanie! Thank you ?

    Donna Byatt Avatar Donna Byatt
    6th October 2019
  • positive review  I was so impressed by my reading and Mel delivers the information in such a sensitive way. She passed on messages that no one would know and I really felt a connection. I would highly recommend her .

    Susan Austin Avatar Susan Austin
    11th May 2019

    positive review  Melanie has a lovely energy and her messages are very good with great evidence.

    Kay Peacey Avatar Kay Peacey
    3rd January 2019

    positive review  confident Medium clear and precise messages.

    John Newman Avatar John Newman
    3rd January 2019
  • positive review  Mel has a clear link with spirit which allows her to bring through evidence of the eternal life open to every living soul

    Kardien Gerb Gerbrands Avatar Kardien Gerb Gerbrands
    3rd January 2019

Our Direct Client Reviews

Liz Morton

I have been enjoying the circle since I joined earlier in the year.  I feel that the circle provides a safe, loving sharing environment in which to nurture the growth of one’s spiritual journey.

Anna Maria

I joined the circle at the beginning of 2019, having had some experience sitting in circles before.  I have come on in leaps and bounds since. I do think this is because of the diverse way of teaching and the inclusion I feel being there.  We are all at...

Karen Partridge

I have sat in Melanie’s development circle for over a year now.  She is informative and knowledgeable; her support has helped to really build my confidence in my spiritual work.

Susan Austin

I was so impressed by my reading and Mel delivers the information in such a sensitive way.  She passed on messages that no one would know, and I really felt a connection.  I would highly recommend her.

Bridget Marchant

Very good accurate evidence delivered with sincerity and compassion. Very friendly lady with a good sense of humour. Very approachable and welcoming, and always had accurate messages.

Kay Pearcy – Stroud Spiritualist Church

Melanie Jones is a lovely medium whose demonstrations are always very good, with excellent evidence of continued life from spirit.  She has served our Church on numerous occasions and it is always a pleasure to chair for her.

Donna Byatt – Elements of Avebury

I don’t normally go for readings……. put off by people getting your name and reading information from social media.  When I sat down with Melanie, it was obvious she was the real deal……..in fact for half an hour she told me things I haven’t even shared with close...

Clair Merryweather – Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer

Clair Merryweather – Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer

I would thoroughly recommend Melanie Jones for both Psychic and mediumship readings.  She is also a great demonstrator too and we have worked together many times.  Mel is a very humble lady who is down to earth and if you are a little nervous, she will...

One-to-One Readings

Tarot cards spread across a tablePrivate sittings in person are held both at my home in Wiltshire and in the magical sphere of Avebury circle. My room is in the heart of the stone circle and can be found at the wonderful shop “Elements of Avebury”.


Praying hands representing church services and demonstrationsThroughout the year I appear at Public Demonstrations and Divine Services at Spiritualist Churches and Centres throughout the UK. For many people, demonstrations of mediumship are how they first encounter Spiritualism.


Owl in flight representing spiritual development workshopsThose searching for development should understand that personal development on many levels is paramount to any success. I believe the only route to spiritual enlightenment is through the challenging personal journey we must all engage in to achieve success.