The Avebury Oracle


These cards depict 40 Sacred Stones and Angels that reside in the largest Stone Circle in the World.

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The Avebury Oracle

The year 2020 was powerful in many ways. The impact on the World and Societies was something that many could never envisage or imagine. It was an unprecedented time for a variety of reasons, the tide of emotion had reached an unexpected level.
Feeling despondent, dismayed with some of my connections, society, spirituality, I embarked on a visit to the circle as I was missing the stones, the vibrations, the feeling of peace and clarity that I often felt in their presence.
My work had dried up for many months now, due to in person readings being forbidden at that time. There was a tide of low vibrational negativity being circulated anywhere and everywhere from all corners of thought whatever the position, I needed to escape!
I entered the gate to the field with the stones from the Village High Street and almost immediately my six-year-old nephew shouted “look!” as he pointed to the top of one of the stones!
“Look, look, look Auntie Mel” he continued very excitedly.
“What is it?” I asked.
“An Angel, there she is!” he responded eagerly and wide eyed.
The innocence of children is truly awe inspiring and beautiful. They openly see and tell you in an honest innocent and heartfelt manner what it is they feel, what it is they see. Innocently blind to negativity yet open to energy. They reside in the present moment, the here and now.
It was the next day I went back to Avebury alone and painted my first Sacred Stone with that very Angel showing her power and presence to overcome everything and anything.
Through challenges and adversity there is always a rainbow, even if it takes many moons to discover, that rainbow is there if you look hard for it.
And I discovered this for myself in the summer of 2020 through the eyes of a six-year-old.

Enter an Extraordinary World of Angels and Sacred Stones

These cards depict 40 Sacred Stones and Angels that reside in the largest Stone Circle in the World.
The deck is an invitation to your personal guidance and self-exploration, aimed at individuals who are embarking on a journey to open their heart and mind. By becoming aware of our internal dialogue, external vibrations, intentions, and truths, we are led to self-discovery. Whereby, our consciousness lifts and we become explicitly aware of the direct guidance from Angels in our midst.
Melanie Jones’ artwork is inspired and channelled directly from Spirit in Avebury. Melanie continues to delve into her own personal and spiritual journey with the intention of leading others into expressing the true essence of soul and spirit.
“In order to lead a life of love and compassion, whilst achieving inner peace, we must pursue the never-ending journey of self-development. We embark on this never-ending journey with the aim to live side by side in peace, creating a Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Great Divine Spirit; the Un-nameable One, yet the One who is known by a thousand names”.


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